Dr. Phil Taylor, Acadia University

Current Researchers at the Acadia Lab

Holly Lightfoot, B.Sc.
Carolyn Matkovich, B.Sc.
Brad Woodworth, B.Sc.


at University of Western Ontario (Chris Guglielmo Lab)

Tara Crewe, M.Sc.
Bethany Thurber, B.Sc.
Stuart MacKenzie, B.Sc.

Current Projects

Carolyn Matkovich, M.Sc. Candidate Local-scale movements of birds at windfarms - a radar study.

I use radar to examine fine-scale bird movements in relation to topography, weather and wind.  This information will hopefully feed into models that can better assess placement of windfarms

Brad Woodworth, M.Sc. Candidate

My research focuses on the importance of coastal environments as stopover sites for migratory birds. Using an array of automated radio-telemetry systems and manual tracking, I will examine temporal, spatial and habitat use patterns of radio-tagged migrants at coastal mainland and island stopover sites in southwestern Nova Scotia and the greater Gulf of Maine region.