Dr. Phil Taylor, Acadia University

Graduates from the Taylor lab

PhD Graduates

Dr. Anna Calvert
Masters Graduates

Krista Chin, M.Sc.
Kate Dalley M.Sc.
Samara Eaton, M.Sc.
Trina Fitzgerald, M.Sc.
Matt Holder, M.Sc.
Ian Jonsen, M.Sc.
Meg Krawchuk, M.Sc.
Tina Leonard M.Sc.
Michelle McPherson, M.Sc.
Greg Mitchell, M.Sc.
Nicole Nadorozny, M.Sc.
Joe Nocera, M.Sc.
Mike Peckford, M.Sc.
Jason Pither, M.Sc.
Derek Potter, M.Sc.
Kristin Powell, M.Sc.
Honours Graduates

James Churchill, B.Sc. Hon.
Renee Cormier, B.Sc. Hon.
Samara Eaton, B.Sc. Hon.
Nicole Humble, B.Sc. Hon
Alison Keen, BSc. Hon..
Jennifer Miner, B.Sc. Hon.
Blair Sangster, B.Sc. Hon

Thesis Titles

Mike Peckford, M.Sc. 2006.   Wind drift and the use of radar, acoustics, and Canadian Migration Monitoring Network methods for monitoring nocturnal passerine migration.

Krista Chin, M.Sc.  2006.  Within peatland spatial structuring and the influence of the matrix on between peatland movement of the dragonfly, Leucorrhinia hudsonica in western Newfoundland.

Kristin Powell, M.Sc. 2005.  Songbird movement, relative abundance and species composition in natural and managed forest landscapes in western Newfoundland.

Trina Fitzgerald, M.Sc. 2004.  Orientation behaviour of the Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata)

Michelle McPherson, M.Sc.  2003.  Between-patch movements of a peatland dragonfly (Leucorrhinia hudsonica) and the influence of landscape structure on its distribution and abundance in western Newfoundland.

Derek Potter, M.Sc.  2002.   Predicting Habitat Requirements: testing a GIS based habitat model for fishers (Martes pennanti) in Nova Scotia. Scotia.

Matt Holder, M.Sc. 2001.  The influence of habitat structure on peatland Odonata at local and landscape spatial scales.

Meg Krawchuk, M.Sc. 2000.  Movement and distribution of three species of inquiline insects in boreal boglands: process and pattern at multiple spatial scales.

Samara Eaton, M.Sc. 1999. A multiple scale analysis of the effects of landscape structure on populations of yellow-spotted salamanders (Ambyostoma maculatum).

Joe Nocera, M.Sc. 1999.  Behavioural toxicology of common loons (Gavia immer) in the Canadian Maritimes.

Ian Jonsen, M.Sc. 1998.  The influence of landscape structure on the fine-scale movement behaviour and meso-scale dispersion of two species of Calopterygid damselfly.

Nicole Nadorozny, M.Sc. 1997.  A temporal and spatial comparison of the movements of three frogs (genus Rana) among farm and forest landscapes in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Jason Pither, M.Sc. 1997.  Responses in the habitat occupancy, movement behaviour, and wing morphology of two species of Calopterygid damselflies to landscape structure.
Alison Keen, B.Sc. Hon. 2003.  Bursera simaruba and Attalea cohune counts and morphology at Maya sites in Belize.

James Churchill, B.Sc. Hon. 2001.  Natural history and movement behaviours of Bufo valliceps in Belize.

Renee Cormier, B.Sc. Hon. 2001.  Effects of landscape matrix on the distribution and dispersal of insects inhabiting the purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea).

Jennifer Miner, B.Sc. Hon. 1999.  The influence of landcape structure on the distribution and dynamics of insect communities inhabiting the leaves of the purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea).

Nicole Humble, B.Sc. Hon. 1998.  A comparison of the effects of land use on fish diversity and density and growth of Salmonidae in tributaries of the Cornwallis River, Nova Scotia.

Blair Sangster, B.Sc. Hon. 1998.  The effects of landscape structure on the movement of Rana pipiens L. 1758.

Samara Eaton, B.Sc. Hon. 1996.  The effects of landscape structure on the incidence of Anurans in Kings County, Nova Scotia.