Nova Scotia Herpetofaunal Atlas

Calling Northern Spring Peeper (photo courtesy of Jim Wolford)

Map of Nova Scotia

This map shows how Nova Scotia is divided into atlassing areas. Each numbered square represents a page in the mapbook A Mapbook of the Province of Nova Scotia and each smaller square a 10 km x 10 km area coded by a column of letters (A-E) and row of numbers (1-5). It also shows the regions of Nova Scotia where some of the herp species are starred (rare) in the province. The dashed lines delineate the mapbook pages and squares that fall within Cape Breton Island, Eastern Mainland and Southwestern NS.


We refer to a specific 10 km x 10 km area as a mapbook square and assign it a code, for example 46A4, which represents page 46, column A, row 4 (dot).
Recognizing the difficulty of mapping every square in the province, we have set an absolute minimum goal of at least 3 non-adjacent mapbook squares being atlassed per page (excluding Sable Island).
The black squares are non-adjacent whereas the grey square, C4, is considered adjacent to the black square D5.

To consider a square adequately sampled, a minimum of 75 % of the species expected for that square must be recorded.  For most squares this will be 13 of 17 non starred species.

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