updated Sept 2003

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Some items listed below are only suggestions.  The ones highlighted red are very important!

  • binoculars
  • field guide of eastern birds
  • cash!!!! (important for emergencies and phone use)
  • rain suit and waterproof boots
  • water bottle
  • sneakers/hiking boots, day hikers, sandals
  • warm sleeping bag
  • pillow,  ear plugs if you are a light sleeper
  • daypack
  • socks - and lots of them, they will get wet 
  • wind proof jacket
  • watch,  pocket knife, flashlight
  • toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • hand and bath towel
  • warm clothes: winter hat, gloves, thermals (especially during May, September and October)
  • treats: candies, chocolates, chips, etc.
  • recipes
  • camera and film
  • journal/record keeping book
  • reading material for rainy days, walkman, batteries
  • sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen
  • spotting scope
  • bathing suit (August - if you dare the cold water!)
  • CD's and cassettes - there is a stereo on BP Island


Weather Warning:   You need to come prepared with warm clothing.  The mornings can be very cold and the winds can be bitter, especially when combined with fog and drizzle/rain.  Thick layers--wool sweaters, warm socks, turtlenecks, down vests, and wind proof jacket are recommended.  You will have some warm days (August) and afternoons can warm up, but generally the winds are chilly.   August is the warmest month and a dip in the ocean can be nice, so bring a suit and some shorts.

Scheduled boat trips do not always fall on fine days, therefore your gear and you must be waterproofed. Garbage bags work fine, but get holes easily. I suggest important gear, i.e. camera, pillow, etc. be packed in a sturdy waterproof bag.


We can receive mail!

General Delivery
c/o Lee Adams
#5662 Hwy 3

Bon Portage Island / Seal Island
Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia
B0W 3B0

Phone Calls:
Generally, the phone is set up for emergency and work-related purposes only.  The phone numbers (below) are for emergency contact only.  You may only make long distance calls with a calling card and will have to pay for airtime ($0.50 / minute).  Personal phone use is very limited.  If you use the phone, you will be required to pay as you go, so please bring cash.  Thanks.

Bon Portage 1-902-680-1444
Seal Island 1-902-680-0877


Of course, you are welcome to bring your own phone for your personal use.