updated Sept 2003

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Busses to Barrington
Campbells Shuttle Bus -  phone 1-902-742-6101 - This is a minivan service so you may want to find out about luggage limits.  Service is  between Halifax and Yarmouth.  They will be able to pick you up at the Airport and drop you off in Barrington.  We would make arrangements to pick you up there.
Acadian Lines Ltd.- phone 1-800-567-5151 or 1-902- 453-8912.  Daily coach service between Halifax and Yarmouth.  http://www.smtbus.com/

Important please read!

If you are arriving by bus (Shuttle or Coach service) you may arrive in Barrington in the evening (6:00 pm - 11:00pm).  This is too late to make a crossing to the island.  Therefore you will need place for the night.  I have provided a list of B&Bs below.  We will make arrangements to pick you up the following day or you will need to take a cab to Shag Harbour from Barrington and meet us at the wharf.

J.T.'s Taxi - Barrington, Nova Scotia   1-902-637-8200 and/or 1-902-637-8880
Old School House Inn & Cottages - Barrington 1-902-637-3770
MacMullen House Bed & Breakfast - Barrington 1-902-637-3892
Clyde River Inn - Clyde River 1-902-637-3267 http://www.clyde-river-inn.com/
Rose Gate Cottage 1-902-768-2170   http://www.rosegatecottage.com/
Bayberry Campground - Barrington 1-902-637-2181 
Driving - (see map)
From Halifax take highway 103 to Barrington, continue on Route 3 through Barrington Passage, towards Shag Harbour. In Shag Harbor there will be a sign that says Prospect Point Rd.  (It sneaks up on you, and is not very noticable).  The road is on your left, it leads to Prospect Point Wharf.
From Yarmouth take Highway 103, then Exit 31 Route 3 towards East Pubnico, Woods Harbour and Shag Harbour.  Prospect Point Rd is on your right which ends at Prospect Point Wharf.
Ferry Service-
Bay Ferries - Nova Scotia phone 1-888-249-7245 - (The Cat and Bluenose) - Service between Bar Harbour, Maine and Yarmouth. http://www.nfl-bay.com/
Scotia Prince - phone 1-800-341-7540 - Service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.   www.princeoffundy.com

Plane or train to Halifax, NS
AirBus Shuttle - phone 1-902-873-2091 Shuttle service between the airport and the bus terminal in Halifax.